ADHD in Children

ADHD in children stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a psychological problem that occurs in kids ADHDand teens. It is sometimes evident in adults as well. Kids suffering from this disorder should be provided with the required treatment at a young age in order to prevent long-term abnormality. Under this syndrome, the children become hyperactive and are unable to control the impulses. It becomes difficult for them to pay attention in different activities at school or home. Later on, other complications arise in these individuals and they face trouble in time management, setting goals and being organized. Other problems include relationship issues, addiction and maintaining the self-esteem.


Children suffering from ADHD are easily distracted and are unable to follow instructions or finish tasks. They seem as if they are not listening and makes careless mistakes. They tend to daydream and loses things at home or school. They prefer not to participate in different activities and sit still, forgetting daily activities. If you find any of these symptoms in your child, you approach Enfance for best ADHD treatment in Kerala.

A child suffering from ADHD often shows hyperactivity and cannot stay seated. These children have trouble in playing quietly and becomes restless. They may be climbing on various things, running around and become excessively talkative. In school, he has trouble in waiting for his turn to appear and interrupts others. When they grow into adults, they become frustrated.

Our Therapists

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