My child had been suffering from a child autistic syndrome and was unable to mix freely with his classmates. It was really a revolutionary development that the experts at Enfance brought about. I consulted with the experts and after the treatment, the changes were evident. He is now much agiler. The old syndromes like feeling uneasy while interacting with others are gone now. Enfance has really changed the way of life for my son and I recommend other parents to approach the experts there if their children are facing similar difficulties.


My child urgently needed sensory integration therapy and I opted for Enfance. The results were amazingly fast. Although I hesitated to count on Enfance at the beginning, considering it to be just another child care center, I was mistaken. The therapies have really impressed me and lived up to my expectation. He was facing continual difficulties in expressing his emotions and interacting with others. Now, all these symptoms are gone and professionals at Enfance have really worked wonders.


Enfance came to our rescue when our only daughter was diagnosed with child autistic syndrome. It was like a new life gifted to her. The therapists at the reputed institution breathed a fresh lease of life into our dying hopes. The therapists are efficient and friendly. The healing process was really fast and our trust in the child care center reaped good dividends very soon. Now, our daughter has far better control over her limbs and her locomotion is unhindered. Thank you Enfance.

Reenu- Chennai

I had never imagined having been benefitted from the experts at Enfance. The environment there is devoid of the medical feeling and the therapies are committed and dedicated. They are ready to take on extra responsibilities to leverage the quality of services. The therapies are simplified and easy for the child to adopt with. The experts also prescribed certain therapies to be practiced at home in order to do away with idleness. Carry on with the good work.


Enfance delivers the classiest child care therapies I have ever seen. Each of the therapists treats the children with individuality and care. They personally take care of the children, recommending soothing therapies that yield results in a short time. This is one of the best child care centers I have come across in India. It has a world-class infrastructure, especially brain gym, which nurtures the mental powers of the child. The overall ambiance is perfect for the children to benefit from the therapies. This makes the rehabilitation process faster. Enfance is doing a superb job.


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