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Enfance, a futuristic Child Development Center, provides seamless services to help especially disabled children to cultivate various skills. The professionals here are specialized to cater to the unique requirements of the children, providing highly tailored services. With proven methodologies and internationally recognized treatment, the experts can nurture child brain development during the most crucial years.

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It is true that inborn talents of an individual have to be discovered at an early stage. Childcare and Child Development Center is one of the most tender issues to deal with, especially when the kid has certain types of disabilities. Failure to provide them with the proper attention lands them in the midst of several complications in the long run. If you find your kid facing problems with their language, speech, expressive capabilities, motor skills and other related issues, it is advisable to seek counselling for child behaviour at Enfance.

During the early ages, a psychologist for children is necessary to understand the pulse of the kid. The professional understands his responses to stimuli, behavioral patterns, and other environmental reflexes, providing necessary advice.  Our experts are well-versed in counseling children incorporating strategic therapies in child counseling to cure behavioral abnormalities. Highly therapeutic treatments define our success. We will explore anger in more detail, including counselors number to manage anger and anger management therapy in Coimbatore.

For people thinking, if there are any occupational therapy clinics near me, Enfance is the best abode of reliance. If you need an expert to treat autism in childrensensory integration therapy, speech-language disorder rectification therapy, brain gym, special education and support for any disorder related to child-psychology, ADHD treatment in Coimbatore, you can get across to us for therapy for children.

Enfance provides child development center with the best infrastructure and resources to discover their own selves. If you are looking for a center for autism treating child development center in India, we are here with a single platform to cater all the requirements. From experience to know how we have all the necessary resources to provide psychological treatment to your child. The professionals on our platform are qualified and have been trained in some of the most refined institutes in the country. Whenever you need counseling for children with behavior problems, contact us at Enfance for optimum benefits.

Our Mission

Enfance has just a single mission. We aim to elevate the mentally and emotionally impaired children who face difficulties in communicating with others and expressing their emotions. We help them to eliminate these communication defects and grow their interactive abilities. The children are able to discover their innate potentials with our support.


Our vision is to provide a complete platform of child development center who are suffering from psychological problems in Coimbatore. We strive to steer their lives back to normal social life.

Our Values

Our treatment is based on compassion, care, and commitment. With the children-oriented therapies, we provide that are effective in bringing about positive changes in the lives of your children. Our therapists are friendly with the children and give them a homely feeling.

Child Development Center

If you need the assistance of a reputed Child Development Center in Coimbatore, simply come to us. We can make a difference in the life of your child. Our professionals are among the best in the industry.

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