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About Our

Trending Child Therapy Centre

Enfance is one of the pioneer child therapy centre addressing children with developmental issues from day 1 to 15yrs. Each child is unique with different developmental patterns right from child conception to birth. Lifestyle changes play a vital role in the milestones achievement. Enfance can aid a parent in ruling out any deviancy and delay and guide the family in intervention. Enfance came into existence from 2012.We deal with tender issues faced by children in their movement, play, speech, language, hearing, learning and behavior. We help them eliminate their developmental issues and aid them in developing their potential skill to overcome their delay.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a well tailored and defined therapy platform for parents and children with delay and deviancy in their growth factor by providing all major therapy services under one roof with world class standards. Every child is unique, not all children with difficulty will benefit only from special schools. Early intervention is the key for addressing all developmental issues.

Core Values

We believe in unity in diversity. We believe multidisciplinary therapy can help us structure the treatment plan which will result in better outcomes.

What We Do

Inquiry from parent/care giver

First Consultation

Parental input & discussion with the expert

Care Plan

Detailed observation & evaluation

Care Coordination

Counselling session for parents post observation

Care Delivery

Scheduling sessions, inter departmental intervention if necessary

Follow Up

Monthly parental meet on the prognosis discussion