Brain Gym Exercise for Kids

Brain gym exercises help to trigger brain activity and keep the mind engaged. Brain exercise invigorates bloodstream to the mind and increments oxygen supply to the brain. Not only this it will help to release stress, enhance learning and development while effectively engaging the brain. brain gym exercise

Brain Gym Exercise :

Therapists of Enfance Child Development center Cochin introduce some simple brain gym exercise for your child that will ensure effective brain development.
  • Cross crawl is a straightforward exercise that should be possible while sitting or standing. Request that the child touches his left elbow to his right knee and afterward right elbow to left knee. This activity is best when done gradually. Cross crawl assists with the respective reconciliation of the left and right mind and furthermore empowers the body
  • This is one of the least difficult mind practices for your child yet successful in any case. Request that your tyke draw number 8 on a book or a bit of paper over and over. It ought to be drawn with a free hand and openly. Drawing this figure unwinds the brain and relaxes up tense muscles
  • Another less difficult mind practice is to request that the tyke draws with his non-predominant hand. If the child is right-handed given request that he draws with his left and if the child is left given request that he draws with his right. Keep in mind this must be a fun movement so let the tyke draw whatever he needs and anyway he can.
  • Ask the youngster to delicately squeeze his head (between the hairline and the eyebrows) and afterward shut their eyes and relax. You can train the child to breathe in deeply and after that inhale out. In the middle of additionally request that the child takes a 5-second interruption and after that breathe out. This is a reviving activity that even grown-ups can do every so often

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