Director Profile

Enfance Child development Centre, Coimbatore is directed by Sharanya Shanmugaraja

She is a speech pathologist and a senior consultant at the reputed platform. The director works in close association with other faculties to ensure a smooth functioning of the organization. She has completed her graduation from the University of Mysore and later, post-graduation from SRMC Chennai. Apart from these, she has also completed her course on Neonatal Auditory, under the National University of Singapore.

Since 2007, Sharanya shanmugaraja has been working with children facing developmental disability and mental challenges. Over the years, she has gained a long experience. As a consultant speech Pathologist, she has also been serving at a Chennai-based multi-specialty center since 2007. She has worked closely with school children, providing them with the necessary consultation and therapeutic intervention.

Apart from these, she is also associated with different hospitals. She is a known ace in the pediatric department in like “Women‟s center, G.Kuppusamy Naidu” Hospital. Sharanya Shanmugaraja also serves at certain schools and Child development centers in Coimbatore, dealing with psychologically disabled children. Besides, she is also associated with a nongovernmental institution known as “National Hearing Care“. It conducts free camps to identify children with hearing disabilities.

A strong professional herself, she loves to be connected with children. Enfance, The child development center Coimbatore is under her able directorship, where she creates an ideal environment for children with special requirements.

Director’s message
It is my privilege to dedicate „Enfance‟ to psychologically impaired children around us, who feel isolated due to their inability to express their emotions freely. Our therapists understand the children and feel their pulse, helping them to realize their potentials and dedicate their energies to constructive aspects. We assist the kids to become respectable members of the society. Count on us to reap the benefits of our experience.

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