Evaluation & Treatment


Before commencing with any treatment, the problem of a child has to be assessed using the standardized and non-standardized tools. It is fatal to impose a therapy on the children just on visual observation of the symptoms. The experts must interact with the parents and work in close association with them. The experts observe the practical data and work on them to ensure the accuracy of the treatment. Thus, it is possible to drive the therapy in the right direction and achieve the desired goals within the stipulated time-span. The experts carry out evaluation and treatment in multidisciplinary mode, identifying the factors that delay the process.

A number of aspects of speech, behavioral patterns, response mechanism motor functioning, neurological characteristics, and learning are studied and analyzed to sort out the key problem. Thus, they devise the most effective rehabilitative strategy and gain optimum results.


In order to restore the communication and social skills of the affected children, a soothing treatment is necessary. This boosts up the pace of the process of learning and absorbing interactive strategies, helping one to vent the feelings. A child can easily adjust to the social fabric when he gets this environment.

An all-inclusive approach to the child helps him to carry out the daily chores of life independently. He need not depend on the others in the process. It helps the child to get matured and deal with himself in a mature way.

Ultimately, the interactive abilities of a child are enhanced and he is able to assess the situations and express his opinions without any shyness. His expressions become clear and legible. The child will be able to understand the language in a better way after the therapies are applied.

Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation and Treatment

When the children are treated in the proven methodologies, they are engaged in a dynamic environment. Here, his skills are enriched through optimum connectivity. It helps to reinforce the bond between parents and children.

When you seek the expert services from the professionals at Enfance, counseling centers for children for improving studies in Coimbatore, they look into the individual developmental requirements of the children, We have speech-language pathologist full time. This helps them to complete the treatment in a short time-span and ensure accuracy.