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If you are looking for a reputed learning center for kids for the remedy of sensory issues, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder or any other behavioral defects, Enfance is here to help you out. We strive to enhance the lives of your children by bringing about a positive change. The kids learning center here has a superb infrastructure with updated appliances. These are incorporated for therapeutic purposes and enable your kids to lead a normal lifestyle.

What causes learning disabilities?

  • A few children create and develop at a slower rate than others in a similar age group. Subsequently, they will be unable to do the normal school work, Does not listen and Poor academics
  • Injuries before birth or in early childhood most likely record for some later learning problems poor reading, poor writing, poor handwriting, Less concentration moreover
  • Some learning disabilities have connected to the Spelling mistakes, pronunciation, Cannot do calculation and structure of the English language.

What are the “early warning signs” of learning disabilities?

Children with learning disabilities display an extensive variety of symptoms. These incorporate issues with reading, Difficulty with mathematics, comprehension, writing, spoken language, Poor reasoning abilities. Hyperactivity, Less attention, perceptual coordination may likewise be related to learning disabilities, however, are not learning disabilities themselves.

Among the symptoms normally identified with learning disabilities are:

  • poor performance on group tests
  • hyperactivity
  • developmental Delay
  • Poor memory
  • Low self-esteem
  • poor peer relationships
  • Repetitive movements such as rocking or twisting

                                                  Kids Learning Center

kids learning centerIn order to do away with the inborn inhibitions and uneasiness of the children, kids learning is of vital importance. You can come to us if your child is suffering from any psychological and behavioral abnormalities. The experts here can pave a better life for your child, and they can grow quite normally, just like their peers.

The experts working with our children learning center are seasoned professionals. They have a long experience in the profession and understand the afflicted children well. Over the years, they have walked a long way with these children and can provide highly personalized treatment as per individual requirements. They know the adaptive techniques better than the others and this helps the children to imbibe the positive effects of therapy in a short time span for learning disability in children management.

Our kids’ learning center has different sections for different age groups. We deal with infants, kids, toddlers, and children who are about to become adolescents separately. The counselors and psychotherapists at these learning centers have a good understanding of the mental faculties of the children. They provide soothing remedial therapies in a friendly manner. They work in a close association with the parents to make sure that they can treat the children at home.

Our Professionals

We incorporate various proven strategies for to promote learning for children. Our professionals have an impressive track record for bringing about positive changes in the children. They monitor the progress of the children accurately and the counselors recommend certain modification from time to time to make the therapies customized and provide learning disabilities 10-year-olds general assessment reports samples. If you are willing to bring about a positive change in the lives of your children, come to our learning centers for toddlers. At Enfance, we have the right infrastructure and knowhow to enhance the quality of service. We specialize in advanced kids tutoring and mold the lives of kids in the right direction. Feel free to contact us or come to us in the learning disabilities prayatna education in Palarivattom for assured results.