Neuro Developmental therapy


At Enfance, we offer Neuro Developmental Therapy Centers, a programme designed to bring about positive changes in children suffering from ADHD, autistic disorder, cerebral palsy and other similar disorders. This therapy helps children to be agile and brings about freeness in their movement. We ensure that the children can grow up normally, eliminating all sorts of abnormalities and disorders. The experts are updated with the knowledge of the nervous system and devise the perfect remedy for autism in children.

Neuro-Developmental Therapy

We have seasoned professionals in out pediatric physiotherapy department. They help to eliminate the disorders in children who do not show the natural instincts of movements. Through effective therapies, we help their nervous system to grow mature. It becomes more adaptive to the learning process. We recommend certain therapies, where the ADHD children undergo a series of specific movements. These are repeated in a particular interval of time. As our professionals are well-versed with the therapies, they are able to bring about changes in the children in the shortest possible time. We treat autism in children through autism speech therapy and neurodevelopmental therapy in a customized manner, tailoring the requirements of every child.

Our Therapists

In case your child faces neurological problems, he or she will face problems in a vast number of issues, like writing, reading and carrying out acts that need coordination and balancing. Academically, he will lag far behind his peers, and face problems in solving arithmetic problems, recalling tables, sequencing and remembering spellings. If you find that your child is shy or quiet, or exhibits sensitiveness, you can come to us. Our sensory integration therapists will treat them with speech therapy and bring about positive changes in their lives. We have a good track record and incorporate proven methodologies while treating your children. Our experts specialize in cerebral palsy treatment, speech therapy, and other neurological problems. After analyzing the pattern of development of the child, along with other factors like receptivity, style of learning and personality traits, the therapists recommend required treatment. You can also bank on us for some physiotherapy. In case you find any behavioral disorder in your child, simply come to us for a swift and effective remedy.

neuro developmental therapy