Occupational Therapy

occupational therapy

Occupational therapy

We offer occupational therapy for children with autism, enabling them to get rid of issues related to communication. In case you are wondering what is autism, it is a disorder in children that hinders their capabilities to establish social bonds. Age appropriate activity, interests, communication and skills of the children are affected when they suffer from autism spectrum. For children with autism, professional care during the early years is necessary to ensure that he can lead a normal life in future. When you find the symptoms of autism in the children, you must seek occupational therapy from the experts, which are at occupational therapy in Coimbatore.

What is Occupational therapy for autism?

Our professionals establish a compatibility between the patient and the environment, monitoring their psychological and emotional responses. We treat the children with autism with professionalism and care. Our experts are foremost occupational therapist in Coimbatore, they work in association with the parents and teachers to bring about positive changes in the children. We help the children to establish a bond with their stimuli and habitual training in mentally ill children.

Here are certain factors that we consider before recommending children’s occupational therapy

  • Attention span and stamina of the child
  • Desires personal space
  • Skills that are evident during playing
  • Unique responses to the stimuli
  • Eagerness to embrace new activities
  • Motor skills like balancing, maintenance of posture and observing tiny objects
  • Interactive abilities

If you are looking for one of the specialized occupational therapy clinics around you, feel free to contact us. Enfance – One of the famous occupational therapy centres in Coimbatore. We recognize the individuality of each patient, providing customized services to them.

Methodologies to treat Autism in Adults and Children includes:

  • Strategies to enhance coordination in the body through innovatively designed physical activities.
  • Play modules that are interactive and foster the innate potentials of children.
  • Activities like teeth brushing, hair combing and toilet training, that are likely to develop their balance and posture.
  • Methodologies that assist the patients to embrace the behavioral transitions.
  • Development of subtle motor skills to assist activities like cutting that demand balance.

Your children can enjoy a fresh ambiance in their stimuli with professional aba therapy from us. Approach us whenever you need a professional support to help your child live a normal life.