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At Enfance, a seasoned team of child disorder therapists delivers professional services and excellent special education centers in Coimbatore to help the child get back to the normal course of life. We have an impressive track record and have successfully accomplished several rehabilitative treatments for the children over the years and lady phycologist at Coimbatore. Our child disorder therapists strategies are relaxing, soothing and ensure fast results and a school for slow learning children in Coimbatore.

The Multidisciplinary Team of Experts Comprises of:

A sheer blend of practical foresight, academic knowledge, insights based on experiments and commitment defines the profile of each therapist. All the patients receive equal priority at our desk. The professionals conduct an extensive assessment of the affected children to identify the root cause of the problem and recommend the right therapy.

Child Development Specialists

Our specialization lies in delivering amazing results in a short time. We appoint best child development therapist in Coimbatore, these therapists here connect to the children at sublime levels. It helps to yield response from the patients as they can establish an intimate bond with the kids. The integrity of the professional’s support plays a decisive role in the success of the treatment.

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Speech Language Pathologist

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Occupational Therapist

When you bank on Enfance, you are assured of dedicated support from all the therapists. They are able to establish a mental bond with the children. They work with perseverance and commitment, individually interacting with the children. They devise highly personalized treatments to gain optimum results in the shortest possible period of time. The treatment strategies are consistent and scientific, thereby assuring the success of the therapies. We maintain the standard mental codes of conduct while discharging our services. This makes the process effective and realistic. You can entrust the treatment of your children at our hands to maximize care and benefits.

Our child disorder therapists and doctors who treat ADHD in Coimbatore specialize in all the departments of our functioning. We filter the therapists skeptically and appoint the leading professionals to treat the children. Our hallmark lies in the professional spirit of the therapists.