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Occupational Therapy improves the functional attention/concentration, behavior, movement, play and learning skills.

Children can gain the following skills out of occupational therapy:

Occupational Therapy helps children overcome developmental challenges in movement, play, learning, attention and behavior.

Occupational Therapy helps children enhance in the following abilities in:

Table Top or Fine Motor skills: Pencil and scissor skills (coloring, drawing, writing), opening lunch bags, manipulating toothbrushes, tying shoelaces.

Gross Motor skills: Running, jumping, swimming, bike riding ball skills, posture at the table

Accurately interpreting visual information that helps skills such as literacy (reading, writing)

For concentration and learning: Sensory reactions within the body or in response to external stimulus which impacts concentration, behavior and learning.

Numerous mental skills that allow to master learning including skills such as working memory, flexible thinking, multi-taking and self-control of concentration and attention.

Daily life skills such as dressing, toileting, hygiene, eating, sleeping etc.

General organization, keeping track of personal items, understanding time, and using money.

Occupational Therapy improves the functional skills that are required across environments. While the actual ‘therapy’ occurs within the clinic setting (and home setting through home practice), our Occupational Therapy team works closely with parents, teachers and other care-givers. Our team help implement strategies to develop physical, attention/concentration, self-care and play skills in the home, child care, kindergarten and school environments.

Children and adults with the following conditions can benefit from OT