Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy improves the functional talking, listening and understanding skills.

The outcome of speech therapy will have an impact on these following skills:

Speech Therapy helps children to overcome developmental challenges in speech, play, language and learning.

At ENFANCE we don’t just diagnose, we help the child overcome the hurdles to daily life.  Speech Therapy helps children develop their abilities in:

Listening and hearing speech sounds; saying sounds; linking sounds together into words and sentences; fluency and smooth flow of speech; appropriate voice quality; phonological awareness skills;  spelling and decoding the words sounds.

Saying words; linking words together; using grammar; telling stories; using language socially; writing.

Understanding what words mean; understanding concepts, sentences and grammatical rules; reading comprehension.

Playing with toys and people; looking; listening and attention and early interaction skills.

Different skills are required at different ages and stages of education. Children with following difficulty can be most benefitted by speech therapy

Speech Therapy addresses the functional skills that are required across different environments. While the actual ‘therapy’ occurs within the clinic (and home setting through home practice), our Speech Therapy team works closely with parents, teachers and other care-givers to implement strategies to  develop language and play skills in the home, child care, kindergarten and school environments.