Speech and Language Therapy

As a child learns to speak, it is of vital importance to ensure that their pronunciation and understanding levels are simultaneously developed. Hence, speech therapy is necessary for the kids to modify their pronunciation. Enfance provides highly reliable speech and language therapy to the children. We have a good infrastructure and provide all the services under a single roof. In case your child is suffering from speech disorders, we can help you out. Come to us and we can sort out the problems.

Highly Tailored Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

child development pathology

Speech and language development chart imply to the proper synchronization of the tongue and brain of the child. When the specialists deliver child speech therapy to the kids, the functioning of motor nerves gets a boost. In this way, the children can vent the thoughts that are going on in their minds. Failure to express oneself results in psychotic problems in the long run. Hence, you would never want your kids to get exposed to these traumatic situations. Our experts devise the right speech therapy exercises for the children to avoid problems in future.

Our professionals are highly experienced in the field and understand the children and the speech problems in children well. They incorporate proven techniques to help your kids live a normal life.

We can help out your child through various activities, speech therapy at home for autistic toddlers identifying the problems. It will help them to develop their speech. Our experts ensure that they achieve the right levels of comprehension as per their age. After assessing the problems, we provide the necessary speech therapy materials to the children. The professionals recommend certain programmes for speech therapy at home, speech therapy courses in Coimbatore. The children can practice these programmes under the supervision of their parents with speech therapy materials.

Our Child Speech Development Programme Includes:

  • Inability to socialize
  • Intellectual weakness
  • Speaking or hearing problems
  • Voice problems, delays in speaking or comprehending a language
  • Problems in generating speech sound
  • Tendency to remain quiet and deficiency in attention
  • Respiration or swallowing problems, or anything related to left, lip or palate
  • Other issues, including genetic syndromes
  • Stuttering
  • Pronunciation error while talking


If you need the assistance of a reputed speech and language therapy in Coimbatore, audio and speech therapy courses in Coimbatore simply come to us. We can make a difference in the life of your child. Our professionals are among the best in the industry.