Some Questions & Answers

The sole objective of Enfance child care centre is to bring about positive developments in children suffering from developmental disorders like motor skill deficiencies, autistic spectrum, etc. We incorporate scientifically proven and internationally acclaimed therapies to enhance the lifestyle of the children. In Coimbatore, the profound deficiency of a reliable and medically certified institution to deal with these disorders is prominent. Therefore, our director felt the urgency to set up a reliable institution here.

Sure. We have obtained operating license from the Child Care Wing of the Government of India and all our therapies are sanctioned. (More details to be specified)

The therapies offered at Enfance include speech and language therapy, psychological services, occupational therapy, special education and various other care through learning aids and therapeutic processes.

Details to be specified

We have a wide range of assessment tools, both standardized and non-standardized which are effective in assessing the therapeutic requirements of a child. The experts working with us study the child and operate in close association with the parents. We bank on the information provided by the parents as well as our insights into the behaviour of the child. Based on these clinical observations, our therapists carry out detailed evaluation, examining particular aspects of sensory processing, oral motor, speech, patterns of temperament, neuro-development and learning skills of the children.

We provide effective rehabilitative care to the affected children, assisting them to develop tactical skills for normal interaction with the society. They can learn fast and grow skills for effective communication and are able to express their feelings without any problem. Through holistic treatment, we ensure that the children are able to conduct the daily chores of life independently. They can lead a normal life without any dependency.

We treat a number of disorders like sensory processing disorder, integrative disorders, children with autism, hyperactive disorders due to deficit of attention, learning disability, developmental co-ordination disorders, down syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, developmental delays, juvenile orthopaedic problems, spine bifida, birth defects, hydrocephalus, psychological and neurological disorders.

We charge nominal fees from our clients. After detecting the problem and devising the remedial process, we convey the charges to you.

You can either get across to us through email or phone. Explain the condition of your child in the email or directly speak to us by calling our helpline number. You can also visit our clinic to book a consultation time with the experts.

Yes. The therapists recommend various aids, exercises, playmates and other activities to be practised under the supervision of parents at home. This helps to achieve the results in a short time-span.

All our therapists are experienced medical practitioners. They are highly qualified in their respective departments. They are selectively chosen, so that they can deliver uncompromised services.

We appoint Clinical Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Pathologists, Special Educators and Physiotherapists to provide seamless services.

We maintain the highest grades of professional standards while incorporating the therapies. They are ethical and internationally recognized.