Few facts about autism

No human is perfect, but it is our ability to love and live with the imperfections that make us humans!

Do you know what is the most Google question on Autism? No idea! It is, Is Autism Curable? Have you wondered the same! Do you think Autism is curable? This question has been on the minds of people around the world. Further, be it, researchers or parents, everyone wants to know if there is a cure! Let’s find out today! Is Autism Curable?

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental difference. In other words, it simply means a person with Autism has a unique nervous system. Further, Autistic have atypical brains. Do we consider this slight variation a disorder? This is something we need to think about! Is it a disorder or just neuro-diversity? Typically, Autism develops as a child grows. People discover signs of Autism as early as 12months in an infant. Often even earlier in a child. Often Autism cannot be diagnosed until later in life. Especially if the signs are subtle.

Is Autism a disorder?

Most people think Autism is a disorder. Autistic people are atypical. But they do not have a disease/ disorder. Autism is not a disability, but a different ability! So, next time don’t think of it as a disorder or a disease. In other words, Autistic people are a part of neuro-diversity in the human race.

However, Autism is considered a disability from a legal point of view. This is because Autistic people need access to extra support, care, and government aid. Since each person with Autism is unique, their need for support also varies. Autistic people have a high vulnerability in everyday life. Hence, when they are considered as disabled, it is to protect them from this vulnerability.

Is Autism Curable?

Now, let’s talk about the main question. Is Autism curable? The answer to this is, NO! Autism cannot be cured! There is no medical miracle or cure for Autism. 90% of research for Autism cures has no answers. Further, if you have read autism can be cured by any of the below;

  • Medicines
  • Genetic methods
  • Psychotherapy
  • Other treatment methods etc.,

The answer is no! These methods cannot help cure or eliminate Autism! Beware of fraud claims. There are many options available, but be mindful of what you choose! Further, here are some points to think of before taking up any treatment,

  • Examine the data: Look at the numbers!
  • Look for evidence: Is there research on the method! Is it legal?
  • Weigh the risk and benefits
  • Talk to your medical provider

Can Therapies Cure Autism?

Can Speech-Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Applied Behavioral Analysis cure Autism? No! These therapies give support to the Autistic person. The therapies are only meant to support them to lead a better life. Therapies are crucial as they help them. It helps them communicate, regulate sensory needs and handle anxiety. Furthermore, therapies assist Autistic people to be the best they can be.

Brain Wiring Differences 

Autism comes with changes in brain wiring and programming. In other words, researchers have found notable changes in Autistic brains. The length of connections, proteins in the cerebellum, and brain tissue differences are seen. Hence, a person with Autism has an atypical brain structure and program to a typical person. This explains the way they function. There is nothing much one can do to change the brain. So, accept these differences! No medication can re-route the brain connections.

Autism is Neurodiversity

All humans do not look the same! We have unique DNA and features. Why is it so? We are made uniquely. This is due to genetics and evolution. Similarly, each of us has a different personality. Similarly, Autistic people have diverse brains. Their brains function differently. Like how we all look different, Autistics behave differently. Autism is a part of diversity. Hence, Autism is just another state of mind. So, accept the diversity in the human race! So, help and support them if not anything else!

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